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Wikivoyage is the multi-lingual travel guide that anyone can edit.

Wikivoyage brought together the former Wikitravel community and content (in several languages), the German language Wikivoyage community, who had forked from Wikitravel in 2006, and the Italian Wikivoyage community, who had forked from Wikitravel in 2007, with the larger free content worldwide Wikimedia movement community. After a period of beta starting 10 November 2012, we formally launched on Wikimedia Foundation servers on 15 January 2013. We continue our always amazing travel guide writing experience with everyone! Thanks for supporting Wikivoyage!

Wikivoyage/Why? (Go ahead, click on that link and write there why we are here and not at Wikitravel. This story needs telling. And this is a wiki.)


The Lounge is for general discussion of the Wikivoyage project and matters affecting more than one language version.

The Summit page had monthly reports from the various language versions, but has been in abeyance since 2018.

Mailing list[edit]

Join the Wikivoyage-l mailing list discussing technical and community matters by email.

Currently going on[edit]

A new Wikivoyage logo was selected in 2013. Please replace any references to the old one.

  • Please help with cleanup on:

Are any of the activities above actually still current?


There are 24 language versions of Wikivoyage.


Languages created before 2013 forked from Wikitravel. Languages created during or after 2013 were approved from the Wikimedia Incubator.






1 2006-12-10 Deutsch de
2 2007-12-10 italiano it
3 2012-09-23 English en
4 2012-09-29 Nederlands nl
5 2012-10-03 français fr
6 2012-10-06 svenska sv
7 2012-10-18 русский ru
8 2013-01-07 español es
9 português pt
10 2013-02-06 polski pl
11 română ro
12 2013-03-21 עברית he
13 українська uk
14 2013-05-17 Ελληνικά el
15 2013-08-11 Tiếng Việt vi
16 2014-01-15 中文 zh
17 2014-10-02 فارسی fa
18 2016-11-30 suomi fi
19 2017-09-25 हिन्दी hi
20 2018-06-07 বাংলা bn
21 پښتو ps
22 2020-08-27 日本語 ja
23 2020-12-15 Esperanto eo
24 2021-01-19 Türkçe tr

New language versions can be started on Wikimedia Incubator. If they grow large enough and develop a strong community there, they will be moved to their own subdomain. See the list of Wikivoyage projects on Incubator.

Note that Alemannic Wikivoyage is created using a custom namespace within Alemannic Wikipedia, see w:als:Buech:Raisefierer.



Listings Wikidata integration[edit]

  • English Wikivoyage: 26128 listings with a Wikidata identifier property
  • French Wikivoyage: 15334 listings with a Wikidata identifier property, 18571 listings with a Wikipedia identifier property
  • Russian Wikivoyage: 4396 listings with a Wikidata identifier property
  • German Wikivoyage: 3506 listings with a Wikidata identifier property
  • Spanish Wikivoyage: 205 listings with a Wikidata identifier property
  • Chinese Wikivoyage: 135 listings with a Wikidata identifier property
  • Ukrainian: Wikipedia identifier property present in listing template, not counted
  • Greek, Hebrew, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Vietnamese: No Wikidata property

... as of 2018, counted with the Wikivoyage Listings tool.

Wikidata could be used to:

  • Cross-validate listing details,
  • Factorize listing details,
  • Fill missing listing details,
  • Easily add new listings to articles that have too few (what transvoyage does right now),
  • Generate static information pages for languages that have no Wikivoyage yet, such as Hindi or Korean,
  • And many other things, new mashups appear everyday with Wikidata.

While every Wikivoyage has their own preferences on how far to go with Wikidata, having Wikidata identifier properties in listings helps in all cases.

Wikivoyage Association[edit]

The Wikivoyage Association used to host the Wikivoyage project. It applied to become a Wikimedia thematic organization and was approved on 3 May 2017. You can apply for membership to support the association and the Wikivoyage project.

How do I learn more?[edit]

Start with these to find out more about our project:

  • Goals and non-goals: "Wikivoyage is a project to create a free, complete, up-to-date and reliable world-wide travel guide."
  • Lounge – Wikivoyage Lounge on Meta
  • Manual of style: Our Manual of style contains a collection of guidelines for giving our articles a good look and feel.
  • Welcome, Wikipedians: This article was written specially for people who are familiar with the free encyclopedia Wikipedia.
  • Wishlist: A roadmap for Wikivoyage's future.
  • Writing style.



Because Meta is a vast and wild wiki, we maintain our Meta Wikivoyage specific pages as subpages (e.g., Wikivoyage/Somepage). This makes it obvious they are part of our project and makes it easy to find and update them. All our pages are in English with the exception that translations, when desired, may be created as language code subpages of the respective English page (e.g., in German: Wikivoyage/Somepage/de).

Expand the collapsable box below to see all Wikivoyage subpages. Alternatively, see the equivalent special page.

Template:collapse is not available for use in articles (see MOS:COLLAPSE).


The travel guide project proposal, formerly on this page, is archived in Wikivoyage/Archive/2012-11-16 and its talk page.


  • Copy editing is relatively poor across the project, due to a high number of contributors writing in a language other than their native one.
  • As of 2020, Wikitravel remains a strong competitor to Wikivoyage (at least in English). Although its article quality is nearly uniformly inferior as a result of having almost no community of experienced editors, Wikitravel articles tend to outrank Wikivoyage articles in search results, reducing readership and garnering contributions from casual editors unaware of Wikivoyage.

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