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Event Name[edit]

Wikimania 2021

My Experiences[edit]

Through the Wikimania scholarship, I had a free internet access which I used to participate in the Wikimania 2021 Campaign. I majorly followed up using Remo and when got internet problems I then used YouTube.

Remo was really a new platform to me and i found it exiting though at first i was scared of it. However, I at times turned to YouTube incase i found it had to use Remo.

The content shared on Wikimania 2021 was relevant and informative to me through the sessions I attended that include:

The General Opening, Email campaigning for onboarding new volunteers, Translation-New Ways to Contribute on Mobile Devices Wiki Africa Hour, to translate or not to translate by the machine is the question, Education, Wikimedia Projects and Digital Literacy during COVID-19 Pandemic Photography documentation of built heritage of rural West Bengal for Wikimedia Commons and the Wiki Loves Monuments: Beyond the campaign.



. I was not able to make connections especially with the people from outside my county because most times i was using YouTube which was not allowing me to actively participate.

. At times i could not access the sessions because of the network issues.

. At times participants would turn to unfamiliar languages and i could not follow very well.


I got more connections with other Uganda Wikimedia User Group members which is beyond only only being a Luganda Wikipedia editor.


. I look forward to reaching out to new Wikipedia users and recruit them most especially on the Luganda Wikipedia.

. I learnt how important it is to take photos, document them and upload them in Wikimedia Commons with all details.

. Photos uploaded to Wikipedia can also help history researchers as well as authors writing articles on such items in Wikipedia.

. Such photos can help in promoting Rural / Local Heritage tourism and can even attract conservationists.

. Learning how to add sections to already-existing articles by translating them from other languages, & to translate conveniently on mobile devices.

. More about how to avoid destructive communication, how to improve the selection of images and participating in the Wiki Africa Hour

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