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Event Name[edit]

Wikimania 2021

My Experiences[edit]

As of the scholarship award of Wikimania 2021, i had free data access and an inroduction to REMO.

i was staged to a level of acquiring more knowledge and experience in a number of things like

  1. Https:// Email campaigning for onboarding new volunteers] , which invites new people to the wiki family and slowly learn more more about the Wikimedia community together with its the formats of recruitment
  2. and there was a share how to build community of African students;
  3. Preventing misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic. This session brought together one of the leading Wikipedians documenting COVID-19 knowledge,it as well explored different stake holders. Anumber of doctors shared fruitfull information concerning the pandemic
  4. with knowledge on photography documentation and upload especially in Wikimedia compaigns. There was also an importance in a documentation in photography. lessons on photographic discriptions were also benefitual with all content from Amitabha Gupta.
  5.,_Wikimedia_Projects_and_Digital_Literacy_during_COVID-19_Pandemic detailed more on use of tools, free and open knowledge, as well as in the production of knowledge from their own realities.


  • There was exposure to the REMO
  • the cooking session caused a few confusions of whether it was the right building.
  • The speakers' voices were so low(audibility)
  • Navigating around the hall was a bit challenging.
  • you tube was data consuming and had some limitations.


Free interactions with the music team as there a was a open invitation for everyone to join in the music team.

As an editor from Luganda Wikipedia, i got a chance of interacting with other members of the Uganda Wikimedia user group.


The music session (closure) revealed a number of notes to cordinate so as get the right music.[edit]

in the education media project, there were experiences related to education and digital literacy developed in different regions.

participation in the next photography competition.

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