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Event Name[edit]

Wikimania 2021

My Experiences[edit]

  • Remo platform demonstration
  • Speaker training series
  • East African Commitments for the future
  • Wikimedian of the year
  • Wikivibrance
  • Preventing mis-information
  • Unpacking the Foundation Board
  • Engaging with partners in the movement! WMF's approach
  • Entertainment


  • Wikivibrance - Nigeria
  • South Africa WMF communications team member
  • Afrocine project
  • Swahili Wikipedia project for East Africa


  • Collaborative Wikimania post conference report
  • Stronger connection with East African Wikimedians
  • Plans to run an Afrocine project
  • Concentration on local/regional languages
  • Wikimedians have talent

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