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  • Name of the project:Wikipedia Fon: atelier de formation des formateurs
  • Amount requested:1352 euros (CHF 1469) (This is for 2 3 days trainings. One will happen in October and the second one in December. It includes travel expenses for trainer(Paris-Cotonou-Paris) and trainees(Within Benin), Catering for participants, etc)
  • Type of grantee:INDIVIDUAL
  • Name of the contact:Mahuton

The problem and the context[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

The aim of this project is to create a core group of skilled fon trainers in order to make them independant so that they can have the necessary skills to train their own new contributors to the Fon Wikipedia.

Currently I am the only one Fon writer and active trainer. This 3 days training that will in October and december this year will give them the necessary skills to lead a Fon Wikipedia Workshop.

Read more about the global project here.

What is your solution to this problem (please explain the context and the solution)?[edit]

Project goals

  • Train and skilled 3 Fon wikipedia volunteer to become trainers
  • Make the community independant
  • Increase the number of articles on the Incubated Fon Wikipedia
  • launch the Fon Wikipedia version by december this year

Project impact[edit]

How will you know if you have met your goals?[edit]

  • 3 volunteers among the fon wikipedia contributors are trained and are able to lead a training session their own
  • The number of articles increases
  • The Fon wikipedia is launched

Do you have any goals or metrics around participation or content?[edit]

Project plan[edit]

2 times 3-days training. The 1st will happen on October and the seconder by December


Workshop focused on how to contribute to Wikipedia and the specificities of the Fon version


Type Quantity Unit cost(Euros) Total cost(Euros) Total cost(CHF)
Flight 2 500 1000 1085
Catering 2 60 120 130
Transport for trainees 6 39 234 254
Total 1353 1469

Community engagement[edit]

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