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Title of the submission

Wikimedia Language Diversity: No Tango without Partners

Type of submission

lightning talk

Author(s) of the submission

Farhad Fatkullin




Wikimedia Languages of Russia Community, Wikimedia Russia, Tatar Wikimedians, Wikimedia Language Diversity, Turkic Wikimedians

  • Community Engagement
  • Partnerships
  • Strategy
  • Diversity
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  • basic
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The lightning talk will illustrate lessons learned in a case of an ad-hoc developed strategy and methodology for engaging both local and interested language Wiki-communities, as well as interacting with prospective partners in the Diversity Content Development project. The task of Assuring Language Diversity Sustainability is similar in scale to developing and maintaining International Space Station, preserving Biodiversity and Decarbonization of Global Economy.

As the first Wikimedian of the Year from Russia (2018) and the one supporting and representing non-dominant language communities from among Wikipedias in the languages of Russia, I was requested by regional language colleagues to make everything possible to turn this momentary fame provided opportunity into a successful case with Tatar Wikipedia for them to use as a stepping stone for strengthening own language vitality and respective Wikipedia editions' activities. This will be a progress report on 3 years of activities, community transformation and the developed soft infrastructure.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

Despite institutional support offered by the European Language Equality project, supporting weaker language communities will require individual time and efforts for making the case for one-off and continuous support, as well as overcoming individual and community-based cultural barriers. I hope this experience will help other small communities to avoid burnout or otherwise letting their hands down, finding creative ways to contribute into strengthening Wikimedia's The Sum of All Knowledge Vision.

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