Wikimedia CEE Online Meeting 2021/Programme/Submissions/Innovate in free knowledge: How can we attract innovators and new projects from the CEE region?

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Title of the submission

Innovate in free knowledge: How can we attract innovators and new projects from the CEE region?

Type of submission (lightning talk, discussion, panel, workshop)


Author(s) of the submission
  • Kannika Thaimai
  • Ivana Madžarević
  • Wikimedia Germany
  • Wikimedia Serbia
  • Movement Strategy 2030: Increase the sustainability of our movement (rec #1) and innovate in free knowledge (rec #9)
  • Community building: attract innovators for free knowledge
  • Collaboration and partnership within and beyond the movement
Level of advancement (basic, medium, advanced)


Abstract (up to 100 words)

Social and technical innovations are crucial in mastering the challenges of becoming a sustainable and inclusive movement. This session will introduce the UNLOCK program that supports project teams (from the Wikimedia movement and beyond) in the development of new products and services for Wikimedia and free knowledge. Join us for insights into our lessons learned after 2 editions of UNLOCK. This session will also take on the CEE perspective when looking at a community of innovators and how UNLOCK can be implemented in the CEE context. In the context of movement strategy, UNLOCK aims at building the innovative capacity as well as increasing the sustainability of our movement.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

Participants will have 1) developed an understanding of the relevance of innovation within our movement; 2) learned about and been inspired by new innovation-driving formats different from a typical project grants; 3) contributed to the further development of the UNLOCK program with a CEE perspective; and 4) increased their awareness/understanding of the benefits in terms of networking with chapters with more experience and resources.

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