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<languages/> Template:TNT <translate> [[<tvar|wikimania>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimania</>|Wikimania]] has been a community endeavour since its inception in 2005. Some frequent Wikimaniacs have taken on responsibility in some capacity year after year to ensure that each event is a success. However, local organising teams often reinvent the wheel, encountering similar issues every year.</translate>

<translate> To allow the conference to grow more smoothly, it seems sensible to pool the years of knowledge that we have into a body that oversees the Wikimania process from beginning to end in its yearly cycle. A permanent Wikimania committee would oversee the bids, handle jury selection for bid review, and provide continuity of experience and mentoring to each year's organizing team.</translate>

<translate> Purpose and process</translate>[edit]


For details, see [[<tvar|charter>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimania Committee/Charter</>|Wikimania Committee/Charter]]</translate>.

<translate> To ensure that the legacy of knowledge is effectively and efficiently passed on to the organising teams and to ensure a smooth and successful Wikimania.</translate>

<translate> This includes: </translate>

  • <translate> Setting Wikimania policy</translate>
  • <translate> Soliciting and reviewing proposals to host</translate>
  • <translate> Conference oversight and review</translate>
  • <translate> Best practice development</translate>

<translate> Members</translate>[edit]

  • 2020-21 membership:
  1. Phoebe Ayers (WM 2006, representing WM 2017) Vice-Chair
  2. Deror Avi <translate> (representing WM 2011)</translate>
  3. Edward Saperia <translate> (representing WM 2014)</translate>
  4. Iván Martínez <translate> (representing WM 2015)</translate>
  5. Iolanda Pensa <translate> (representing WM 2016)</translate> Chair
  6. Florence Devouard
  7. Andrew Lih (core organizing team of Wikiconference North America)
  8. Butch Bustria (ESEAP representative)
  9. Eric Luth (WM 2019 representative)
  • WMF staff liaison: Joël Letang (Events Team Manager at the Wikimedia Foundation)

<translate> Current links</translate>[edit]

  • <translate> {{<tvar|wm-19>ll|Wikimania 2019</>|Wikimania 2019}}</translate>
  • <translate> [[<tvar|wm-20>Wikimania 2020</>|Wikimania 2020]]</translate>
  • Wikimania 2021

Meeting notes[edit]

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