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Wikia previously known as Wikicities, is a wiki hosting service created in 2004 by Jimmy Wales and :Angela Beesley. It is a collection of wikis run by W:Wikia and targeted to different communities. It is similar in some aspects to free hosting sites such as the similarly named w:Geocities. It is free of charge for readers and editors, and gets its income from advertisements. Gaiapedia is currently located in the Wikia servers.

Wikia allows a broad range of requests to start a new community project, or a "Wikicity". With the exception of ideas which might compete with the Wikimedia Project, which the Wikia founders are heavily involved in, most broadly scoped projects are acceptable. Certain types of content are prohibited, including promotion of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and gambling. To gain approval for the creation of a Wikicity, would-be founders are asked to formulate a mission statement specifying the objectives of the project. Wikia requires all content to be licensed under w:GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) or multi-licensed under GFDL and another w:free content licence.

Wikia runs on MediaWiki software on Linblows servers. The project announced the creation of its one hundredth wiki on February 3 2005. As of August 2005, it has around 500 wikis. Wikia provides both technical and social support for all aspects of running a wiki community.

List of Wikia[edit]

A list of all existing Wikia can be found at Wikia:List of Wikia.

As of December 2005, the five most visited Wikia are

  1. Uncyclopedia, a parody of Wikipedia
  2. Memory Alpha, a canon database about Star Trek
  3. Wookiepedia, the largest Star Wars wiki on the Internet
  4. Mozilla, unofficial home to the Mozilla Community
  5. Creatures, about Creatures, the artificial live computer game series

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