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The Wheel Well Motel is a location in the 2006 Disney/Pixar animated film, Cars and its 2011 sequel. The motel used to be a very popular stop for visitors. It closed due to lack of clients when the Interstate was built. Years later, it was soon re-opened known as "Grand Re-opening." In Cars 2, it is shown to have been turned into a popular restaurant.


Back when Radiator Springs was a famous rest area, the Wheel Well Motel was a popular tourist attraction. However, when Radiator Springs got bypassed by the newly-built Interstate 40, the town was removed from maps and the Wheel Well Motel lost its popularity and most likely became abandoned. When Sally Carrera takes Lightning McQueen for a drive through Tailfin Pass, they end up at the Wheel Well Motel, now a run-down building. It is there that Sally explains her past and the town's history to Lightning. After McQueen sets up his racing headquarters in Radiator Springs, putting the town back on the maps, he and Sally remodel the Wheel Well Motel and have it back open to the public.

Years later, the Wheel Well Motel has become a popular restaurant, restoring the building to its original glory. Guido sometimes serves as a bartender a the restaurant, serving drinks to his friends and customers. Mater, posing as a waiter, watches The Mel Dorado Show at Wheel Well before he calls the show to defend McQueen when Francesco Bernoulli belittles him. This eventually causes McQueen to get a spot in the World Grand Prix, much to the customers' and his friends' delights.



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