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Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Pictures 2011.svg
IndustryMotion Pictures
Key peopleSean Bailey (president, production)
ParentThe Walt Disney Studios
(The Walt Disney Company)

Walt Disney Pictures is an American-based film studio part of The Walt Disney Studios. The films made by Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar are also promoted under Walt Disney Pictures.

Walt Disney Pictures was established as a division of Walt Disney Productions (now The Walt Disney Company) on April 1, 1983, and the first film to bear the "Walt Disney Pictures" banner was Never Cry Wolf. Prior to that, "Walt Disney Productions" was the credit used for the company's live action films, with its first one, Treasure Island, making its theatrical premiere in 1950.

PG-13-rated films under the Walt Disney Pictures banner[edit]

Although the banner maintains a family friendly image, generally releasing G and PG rated films, some of the films under the Walt Disney Pictures banner received a PG-13 rating from the MPA:

Four of the five highest grossing movies from Disney have Johnny Depp in a major role.

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