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<languages /> <translate> The Volunteer Response Team (VRT) is the name of the group. The name of the software is the Volunteer Response Team System (VRTS), and the administrators are the Volunteer Response Team System Administrators (VRTS admins).

Volunteer Response Team (VRT)/Volunteer Response Team System (VRTS)[edit]

The name Volunteer Response Team references the status of members as volunteers, that their primary function is responding to requests and inquiries, and that there is a team and community of agents. The name VRT is used when referencing the community, so VRT is used for the name of the wiki, mailing lists (<tvar name=addr>vrt-xx@lists.wikimedia.org</tvar>), and any pages or mentions on other wikis relating to the operation of the team.

Other examples:

<tvar name=otrswiki>otrs-wiki.wikimedia.org</tvar> becomes <tvar name=vrtwiki>vrt-wiki.wikimedia.org</tvar>
<tvar name=otrs-email>volunteers-otrsTemplate:Atwikimedia.org</tvar> becomes <tvar name=vrt-email>volunteers-vrtTemplate:Atwikimedia.org</tvar>

The name Volunteer Response Team System references the software used by the VRT. The name VRTS is used when referencing the software system itself, associated pages and processes on the wikis, such as the VRTS administrators, lists of queues, the global user group vrts-permissions, instructions, and other things relating to the operation of the system.


Language communities that wish to localize the name for the team and system into their language are free to do so. </translate>

<translate> Language</translate> <translate> Language team name</translate> <translate> Tool name</translate>
English Volunteer Response Team (VRT) Volunteer Response Team System (VRTS)
Finnish VRTS-sähköpostitiimi
French Équipe bénévole de réponse aux courriels (EBRC)
German Support-Team
Italian Verifiche, Risposte e Ticket (VRT) Verifiche, Risposte e Ticket: il Software (VRTS)
Thai ทีมอาสาสมัครตอบรับ ระบบทีมอาสาสมัครตอบรับ



Renaming conventions for templates names in English (commons and en.wiki). </translate>

<translate> Wikidata item</translate> <translate> OTRS name</translate> <translate> VRTS name</translate> <translate> note</translate>
Q6588199 Template:PermissionOTRS Template:PermissionTicket 15px Done
Q6602622 Template:OTRS pending Template:Permission pending
Q14375421 Template:OTRS received Template:Permission received
Q7071184 Template:ConfirmationOTRS Template:Permission Confirmation
Template:OTRS accreditation Template:AccreditationTicket
Template:OTRS info Template:Ticket info
Template:Verified account Template:Verified account
Q7800756 Template:User OTRS Template:User VRT
Q23542894 Template:OTRS ticket Template:VRTS ticket
Q17305290 Template:User OTRS-Wiki Template:User VRT-Wiki
Q10856710 Template:OTRS talk Template:VRTS talk
Q10856710 Template:OTRS topicon Template:VRT topicon
- Template:OTRS topicon1 Template:VRT topicon1 en.wiki only

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