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Basic Film Making (Pre - Production)

1st Course in Film Making

Course:WikiU Film School Course 01 - Learning the Basics of Filmmaking
Lesson:Formatting the script
LessonPage:Analyze the story
LessonPage:Learn Final Draft
LessonPage:Type the script
LessonPage:Thumbnail Storyboard Pop Quiz
Lesson:Thumbnail Storyboard
Lesson:3D Storyboard
LessonPage:Introduction to FrameForge
LessonPage:FrameForge:Getting Started
LessonPage:3D Storyboarding:QuickStart
LessonPage:Storyboard the SBTDS movie
LessonPage:FrameForge:Getting Started SBTDS
LessonPage:Building a simple movie set inside FrameForge
LessonPage:Creating depth of field inside FrameForge
LessonPage:Editing Entrance Exam
Lesson:Camera Lenses
Pop Quiz:Camera lenses
LessonPage:Filmmaking:Camera Lenses:Basic moods
Pop Quiz:Camera lenses 2
LessonPage:Filmmaking:Camera Lenses:Positioning the camera
LessonPage:Filmmaking:Camera Lenses:Depth of field
Lesson:Animatic Dialog Recording
LessonPage:Animatic Dialog Recording Software
LessonPage:Animatic Dialog Recording Hardware
LessonPage:Animatic Dialog Recording Room
LessonPage:Animatic Dialog Recording Procedure
Lesson:Understanding Filmmaking
LessonPage:Editing a conversation
LessonPage:Intro to filmmaking:Pop Quiz
Lesson:Making the Props
Lesson:Understanding Film Editing
LessonPage:Filming a conversation
Lesson:Matte Painting
Lesson:Matte Painting:SBTDS:Intro
Lesson:Matte Painting:SpaceStation:Intro
Lesson:Matte Painting:Tux Paint:short
Lesson:Matte Painting:Tux Paint:long
LessonPage:Film Score Pop Quiz
Lesson:Understanding "L-Cuts"
Lesson:Animatic:Film Scoring
Lesson:Animatic:Sound Effects
Lesson:Animatic:Finished assignments
Lesson:Understanding Film Dailies

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