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Computer Programming

Topic:Computer programming
Topic:Computing fundamentals
Introduction to Computer Science
Introduction to Computers
History of computing
Introduction to Turing Machines
Basics of computer architecture
What is a CPU?
What is a motherboard?
Personal computers
What is an Algorithm
How to go about implementing a problem solution as a program
Development environment and language principles
Types and variables
Operators and expressions
Control structures
Procedures and functions
Arrays, strings and records
Basic I/O
Introduction to Programming
Introduction to Programming/About Programming
Introduction to Programming/Programming Languages
Introduction to Programming/Organization part 1
Introduction to Programming/Variables
Introduction to Programming/Variables part 2
Introduction to Programming/Variables part 3
Introduction to Programming/Control structures
Introduction to Programming/Subprograms
Introduction to Programming/Scope
Introduction to Programming in Java
Introduction to Programming in Java/Introduction to Java
Introduction to Programming in Java/Integer variables
Introduction to Programming in Java/Boolean Variables
Introduction to Programming in Java/Strings
Introduction to Programming in Java/Java Classes
Introduction to Programming in Java/Inheritance
Introduction to Programming in Java/Arrays
Introduction to Programming in Java/Swing
Introduction to Programming in Java/Mobile phones
Creating a Development Environment
Introduction to Programming Logic
Topic:Math for computer programming
Introduction to Math for computer programming
Introduction to Programming Logic/Key Terms
Introduction to Programming Logic/Variables
Introduction to Algorithms
Introduction to Programming Logic/Lesson 2: Conditionals and Logic
Introduction to Programming Logic/Looping
C/Before you start
Introduction to C
Basic output in C
Variables and Expressions
Data Types and Keywords
Type Qualifiers
Storage Classes
Flow control in C
Functions and methods in C
Pointers and arrays in C
String handling in C
Input and output in C
C Source Codes
C Preprocessors
Game programming
Topic:Object-oriented programming
Introduction to C++
Variables and User Input
C++/Simple Math
Conditional Statements
Loops (C++)
Functions and Recursion
More Functions
C++ pointers
Classes and Inheritance
Templates in C++, part 1
Templates in C++, part 2
C++/STL Algorithms
Switching from C to C++
Introduction to HTML
WYSIWYG vs. Manual Coding in HTML
Web Design/What is HTML
Basic formatting in HTML
Fonts and colours in HTML
Links in HTML
Graphical Content and Multimedia
Lists in HTML
Tables in HTML
Frames in HTML
Forms in HTML
Web Design/HTML Challenges
HTML/301 redirect
Basic JavaScript
Web Design/An Introduction to Programming with JavaScript
Web Design/Getting to know JavaScript events
Web Design/Getting to know the Document Object Model with JavaScript
Intermediate JavaScript
Web Design/JavaScript Challenges
Introduction to Databases
Database management systems
Introduction to SQL
Introduction to PHP
Web Design/Dynamic Websites/Creating Database Tables
MediaWiki engine
Apache MySQL PHP on Mac OS X
Introduction to and setup of Python
Basic Python data types
Python operators
Basic Python functions
Truth and flow control in Python
Object-Oriented Python
Python libraries
Topic:Algorithms and Data Structures
Time management for programmers
Bash programming
WINAPI Programming
Visual Basic .NET 2005
Visual CSharp.NET 2005

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