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Independent Variable[edit]

Factor that is changed by the experimenter. Why is this purpose doing for this experiment?.


Hallie loved working with plants and watching them grow. After researching the nutritional requirement of the sunflower plant, she gathered the necessary materials and set up her experiment. She placed 500 grams of organic potting soil into each of five pots to which ten seeds were planted. The pots were watered with the following amounts of tap water every other day for two months:

  • Pot 1: 50 mL
  • Pot 2: 100 mL
  • Pot 3: 150 mL
  • Pot 4: 200 mL
  • Pot 5: 250 mL

Pot 3 received the recommended amount of water. The height of each plant was recorded at the end of test period.

IV - Amount of Water given to each pot

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