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About the Ozone Layer

What is the Ozone Layer? How is the Ozone Layer useful? Will the Ozone Layer be destroyed? How can we survive the disaster?

A presentation by Atcovi


This presentation will teach about the Ozone Layer and it's property and characteristics. The following questions are going to be answered in this presentation. Want more information? Just add a Question below and the answer will be answered!


  • What is the Ozone Layer?
  • Where is the Ozone Layer?
  • How is the Ozone Layer useful?
  • Will the Ozone Layer be destroyed?
  • How can we survive the disaster?

What is the Ozone Layer?[edit]

The Ozone Layer protects life on Earth from harmful UV rays, but due to human actives, the shield (Ozone Layer) has been damaged. Less protection from the UV rays will overtime, lead to higher skin cancer, cataract rates and crop damage. The U.S., in cooperation with around 200 countries, is is phasing out the production of ozone-depleting substances in an effort to protect the ozone layer.

Where is the Ozone Layer?[edit]

The Ozone is a natural gas that is found in two different layers of the atmosphere. One layer, called the troposphere, is at the Earth's surface, where we live! The Ozone in the troposphere is "bad" because it dirties the air and helps make smog.

What does the Ozone Layer do?[edit]

Its literally a shield of Earth (for an idea), it protects dwelling life on Earth. The Ozone Layer absorbs UV rays from our sun.

How is the Ozone Layer useful?[edit]

The Ozone Layer is very useful, if the Ozone Layer wasn't here, we would be scorched to death! The Ozone Layer protects us, protects us from the Sun's very harmful UV rays. People are now more concerned in the Ozone Layer.

How was the Ozone Layer made?[edit]

Relatively high concentration of the atom, Ozone. The Ozone Layer absorbs 93-99% of the sun's UV light, the UV lights are harmful to life on Earth.

Will the Ozone Layer be destroyed?[edit]

The Ozone Layer was destroyed a few years back. But due to the ban of using chloroflourocarbons, the Ozone Layer is recovering. So basically, No. Many people are doing nearly everything to recover the Ozone Layer. People are now more concerned about the Ozone Layer than they used to a few centuries back.

What can we do to survive?[edit]

Even minor problems of ozone depletion can have major effects. Every time even a small amount of the ozone layer is lost, more ultraviolet light from the sun can reach the Earth.

Every time 1% of the ozone layer is depleted, 2% more UV-B is able to reach the surface of the planet. UV-B increase is one of the most harmful consequences of ozone depletion because it can cause skin cancer.

The increased cancer levels caused by exposure to this ultraviolet light could be enormous. The EPA estimates that 60 million Americans born by the year 2075 will get skin cancer because of ozone depletion. About one million of these people will die.

In addition to cancer, some research shows that a decreased ozone layer will increase rates of malaria and other infectious diseases. According to the EPA, 17 million more cases of cataracts can also be expected.

The environment will also be negatively affected by ozone depletion. The life cycles of plants will change, disrupting the food chain. Effects on animals will also be severe, and are very difficult to foresee.

Oceans will be hit hard as well. The most basic microscopic organisms such as plankton may not be able to survive. If that happened, it would mean that all of the other animals that are above plankton in the food chain would also die out. Other ecosystems such as forests and deserts will also be harmed.

This is just talking about the ozone layer getting thinner. I am not sure how bad it would get if the ozone layer were completely gone. It sounds like it would be catastrophic. Would we all die? I can't say, but we might suffer famine and shortened life spans at the least.


<quiz display=simple>

{What is the Ozone Layer? |type="[]"} - A – The Ozone Layer is a layer in the troposphere + B - It is a layer of Ozone in the troposphere that shields life on Earth from the Sun's harmful UV rays. - C - It is a layer of Ozone in the troposphere that shields life on Earth from the Sun's harmful VU rays.

{What makes up the Ozone Layer? |type="[]"} + High concentration of Ozone - High conccentration of Ozon - None of the above

{Why is the Ozone Layer useful? |type="[]"} + The Ozone Layer protects us from harmful UV rays - It opens up a fun world! - One of the above

{Will the Ozone Layer be destroyed completely? |type="[]"} - Yes - No - Depends on the humans + Not completely, but a little bit.

{How much does the Ozone Layer absorbs the UV rays? |type="[]"} - About 90-100% + About 93-99% - About 94-98%

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