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  • Shale - Shale is a sedimentary rock made up of layers of silt and clay. The green-gray layers can be split apart easily. Shale is used to make bricks.
  • Breccia - Breccia is made up of multi-colored rock chips cemented together. Often breccia forms from piles of broken rocks at the bottom of cliffs.
  • Sandstone - When you touch sandstone, it feels gritty. It should, because this sedimentary rock forms from grains of sand cemented together by hardened minerals. Orange sandstone is used for building.
  • Chalk - Chalk is a pure white form of limestone. Most school chalk these days isn't made out of the rock chalk. It's made of mineral powder glued together
  • Limestone - The lime in limestone isn't a fruit but the mineral calcite. Sea creatures take calcite from seawater and use it to make their shells. After the creatures die, their shells sink and may become cemented into gray limestone.
  • Coal - Shiny, black coal isn't formed from pebbles or sand. It's made of dead plants. Heat and pressure turned the dead plants into coal millions of years ago. Coal is burned to produce electricity.
  • Conglomerate - Find conglomerate rock and you will see different colored, rounded pebbles cemented together. Conglomerate is a sedimentary rock sometimes used to make concrete.

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