Thirteen Famous Artists Went Anonymous For An NFT Art Experiment By newswire

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by @newswire on 26 Apr 2022, 15:00.
Thirteen famous artists went anonymous for an NFT art experiment.
The group goes under the mystical name «The Pyramid» and even issued their own manifesto.
TORONTO , April, 26, crypto wallet may make money 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- What if a potential buyer had an opportunity to buy art for art, sans the artist's market value and hype around the name? A group of artists whose works are exhibited at The Louvre, Venice Biennale, Guggenheim, and other high-profile institutions decided to challenge their self-perpetuating pursuit of recognition and completely drop names, genders, status, and other social assets—to create a collection of anonymous 58 pieces of digital art, each coming with an NFT certificate of ownership and authenticity.
The group has hidden their identities behind the name «The Pyramid» and accompanied the drop with a declaration explaining the concept. Discovered by the artists in some kind of ancient opus called «The Book of Pyramid», a starting point for the collection is a pyramid of human needs. Every level of the pyramid correlates with specific ones—physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization. Every artist from the group chose «level» for exploring within this project and interest NFT projects as a theme for creating their own digital work. Simultaneously trying to answer burning questions like how does those needs change in an alternate digital reality? Could art help us to understand ourselves and cryptocurrency our demands in a digital world as well? Do we need art in the meta universe at all? And moreover, does an NFT hysteria mirror the human need for community, for ownership and its power, for social validation? To let the audience join this dialogue free from preconceptions and biases and talk directly with art through unconventional lenses, artists also decided to hide behind the anonymity veil.
For this project, talents work exclusively and are backed up by an international company NFTMASTERS that is well-known for helping world's largest museums and artists launch their NFT-collections. Furthermore, 10% of the proceeds from the drop will be directed to GiveCrypto, a nonprofit that distributes cryptocurrency to people living in poverty.
«The Pyramid» NFT-collection will be available from April 28, 2022 .
Purchase inquiries could be applied via the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea.
Prices will range from 0.33 to 15 ETH.
Learn more about the collection and explore the manifesto at
@nftmasters on Instagram.
NFTMASTERS is an international group of experts in the worlds of art, technology, and law. The company has already launched NFT-collections based on the works of Leonardo da Vinci , Giorgione, Vincent van Goh , Claude Monet and other great artists for the world's largest museums.
About GiveCrypto.
Since 2018, GiveCrypto has been working to reduce poverty via direct community-based donations of cryptocurrency. In 2019, UNICEF announced that it had become the first U.N. Organization to hold and make transactions in cryptocurrency.
For information enquiries please contact Victor Michaelson at +1 (437) 286-7270 or

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