The Walt Disney Studios: A Lot to Remember

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The Walt Disney Studios: A Lot to Remember is a 2019 Disney non-fiction book featuring a grand overview of the various studios where the Disney brothers made their movies and, once situated in Burbank, the “magic” that emerged from those places and much information on the Kingswell and Hyperion studios (with floor plans, rare stills, etc.), and the Burbank studio itself is covered with more details.


In 1923, two enterprising brothers named Walt and Roy Disney decided to go into the movie business together, establishing the Disney Brothers Studio in Los Angeles, California. Since then, The Walt Disney Studios has released hundreds of groundbreaking and entertaining shorts and full-length feature films in both animation and live-action, garnering countless awards, accolades, and aficionados the world over. But just as Walt was never a man to rest on his laurels, the Disney studio continues to surpass itself, innovating new technology, pioneering new techniques, and gleaning higher box-office returns with every passing decade.

From Pinocchio and Fantasia, World War II propaganda films to the Disneyland TV show, Bedknobs and Broomsticks to Pirates of the Caribbean, some of the company's most monumental and iconic creations have been brought to life at the studio. So park your car in the Zorro lot, take a stroll down Mickey Avenue, and get ready for an insider tour . . . this is the Walt Disney Studios like it's never been seen before.


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