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The current logo for The Mickey Mindset as of 2014.

The Mickey Mindset is a Disney-fan based website, dedicated to paying tribute to the classic and current productions of the Walt Disney Company and Theme Parks. The website is run by Mitchell Stein and Ryan Dosier, well known for operating The Muppet Mindset. The website was created on the ideals of paying tribute to Disney classics and allowing fans an outlet to express their opinions, in the same style of the Muppet Mindset website which has been running since 2009 and quickly grew to one of the most popular Muppet fan sites on the internet.

In December 2013, Disney fan site Open Vault Disney announced that it would merging its page and projects with The Mickey Mindset, and all future petitions and campaigns continued under the Mindset's banner. 


The Mickey Mindset article features include a wide arrange of different categories. Some of its most popular article categories include Disney Animation Reviews, Film Reviews, Top Ten Lists, and more. The Mickey Mindset has also spotlighted classic movies and television such as Darkwing Duck and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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