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Template:PropThe Author's Laptop is a computer that was used by the Author, in Gravity Falls.


It was found in the Bunker of the author by Soos, and then taken out of the bunker in "Into the Bunker". In "Sock Opera", it was revealed it needed an eight-word password, but it was stepped on by Bill Cipher controlling Dipper's body.

It was later fixed by Old Man McGucket in "Northwest Mansion Mystery", which later revealed an apocalypse coming in 21 hours.

it is last seen in "Weirdmageddon Part 3: Take Back the Falls", being used by McGucket.


The laptop at first appears to look like an old metal suitcase. When it is opened, however, it is discovered that it is an old laptop. Above the screen is a blue sticker that says "PROPERTY OF F" and it is rusted in some areas. Some of the keys are not like a normal computer's keys, as it has a few orange keys and cipher signs on the orange keys as well as some cobwebs dangling on the sides and on the screen.

When it was repaired by Soos, it had tape on two of its corners and a bandage on the screen. After its second repair by McGucket, the case had a much smoother and cleaner appearance, implying parts of it were replaced outright. The handle was wrapped in tape.

The number on the computer is MO52584. McGucket doesn't recall the number having been there before, and is unsure what it means.


  • According to Bill Cipher, the password is "gullible".
  • In the episode "A Tale of Two Stans", the laptop appears in a flashback. Here, it's labeled as being in its prototype status.



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