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Template:PropThe Attitudinator is a helmet-like device that is featured in the show Kim Possible. It can make a person good or evil, depending on whether they are good or evil to begin with. It was first seen in the episode "Bad Boy" where Ron accidentally switched attitudes with Drakken because of it.

Role in the Series[edit]

In "Bad Boy", Drakken attempts to use the Attitudinator to boost his own evil energy. However, a mishap resulting from the intervention of Team Possible resulted in all of Drakken's evil energy to be transferred into Ron as the Attitudinator broke in half. This cause Drakken's blue skin to revert to pink and vice versa for Ron. Additionally, all of Drakken's evil energy caused Ron to become a better villain than he ever was. With help from Wade, Good Drakken and Rufus repair the device and use it on Ron to put Drakken's evil energy back where it belonged. Later on, Ron uses the Attitudinator on his evil cousin Shaun to make him more polite at Cousin Reuben's wedding.

In "Stop Team Go", Electronique modifies it, so that now one simply must press the "H" logo on the helmet to make it fire an energy beam that causes the person(s) hit to turn good or evil. She used it on Team Go, in an attempt to turn them evil, unaware that Shego already was evil, turning her good instead. When she later teamed up with Team Possible to stop Electronique and the evil Team Go, a struggle between Rufus and Electronique resulted in the Attitudinator firing randomly, one of the beams striking Ron, turning him evil again. After Electronique turned Hego evil again, Ron grabbed it from her, declaring that she should have used it on Kim Possible first. However, the two villains wrestled over the device, causing energy beams to fire randomly again, leaving Shego and a bunch of Wego Twins clones good and the others bad. Kim ultimately managed to get a hold of the Attitudinator and restored Ron and Team Go to the side of good, at which they arrest Electronique. As she was being hauled back to prison, Ron "accidentally" used the Attitudinator on her, making the ex-villain promising to live out her sentence with possibility for parole. Unfortunately, Ron subsequently drops the device, causing to break and fire one last beam, which hits Shego and turns her evil once more.

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