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See EME 2040 Course Schedule for overview of each week's activities.

Week 2 Reading

Read Chapter 2 of Lever-Duffy, J. and McDonald, J. (2007). Teaching and Learning with Technology (3rd Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Allyn and Bacon. ISBN 0-205-54325-1Script error: No such module "check isxn". [A similar chapter of a comparable textbook may be substituted.]

Week 2 Reading Quiz

Week 2 Discussion Prompt

While technologies are chosen to support the teaching strategies necessary to enable fulfillment of stated learning objectives, how we view the teaching/learning process will affect the value we place on certain technologies.

This week we will build upon your technology selections from Week 1 as we consider which technologies are best suited for fulfilling certain approaches to teaching and learning.

  1. Access this Student Technology Use Matrix [pdf file; 17kb].
  2. Review your two posted technology choices from Week 1.
  3. Place your two technologies on the student use matrix. (Note: Some technologies might be placed in multiple quadrants depending upon how they're used.)
  4. Review the information on Bloom's taxonomy provided in Chapter 2 of your textbook.
  5. Consider which levels of Bloom's taxonomy are associated with which quadrants of the Student Technology Use Matrix. (You might find it helpful to examine the action verbs associated with each level.)
  6. In your discussion posting, re-state your two technologies from Week 1. For each technology, identify the quadrant(s) (i.e., A, B, C, D) in which you placed it. Share with us the level(s) of Bloom's taxonomy for which you think your two technologies are best suited. (Provide justification for your decisions.)
  7. Respond to the postings of at least two others. In each response, describe a possible learning activity for which one of the stated technologies is most appropriate. Be as specific as possible (e.g., grade level, subject area, etc.), but you do not need to create a full lesson plan.

Week 2 Feedback Form

Week 2 Wrap-Up Audio Recording

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