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See EME 2040 Course Schedule for overview of each week's activities.

Week 1 Reading

Read Chapter 1 of Lever-Duffy, J. and McDonald, J. (2007). Teaching and Learning with Technology (3rd Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Allyn and Bacon. ISBN 0-205-54325-1Script error: No such module "check isxn". [A similar chapter of a comparable textbook may be substituted.]

Week 1 Reading Quiz

Week 1 Discussion Prompt

This week's textbook reading discusses "educational technology." I'd like to complement this content with a discussion about what we each think constitutes "technology" (whether formally "educational" or not) and how such technologies can be used to support the teaching/learning process. Here's how we'll do this:

  1. Make a list of "technologies" you have access to. (Note: It is permissible and even encouraged to list technologies not in your text.)
  2. If you have time, review one or both of the following resources.
  3. Revise your list as you feel appropriate.
  4. In your discussion posting...
    • Provide your personal definition of "technology" and identify the two technologies from your list that you think are most useful in supporting the teaching/learning process.
    • Share with us what criteria you used to decide which technologies are useful in supporting teaching/learning. Highlight for us how you think your list compares or contrasts with the ideas presented in your textbook. (To receive credit your posting may not substantially duplicate ideas already posted by someone else.)
  5. Reply to at least one original posting with a perspective different from yours and to at least one posting with a similar perspective.

Note: The deadlines for our weekly discussions are found in the Schedule. Please get in the habit of following our Discussion Protocols and Weekly Discussion Participation Rubric.

Week 1 Feedback Form

Week 1 Wrap-Up Audio Recording

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