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</translate> Template:Projects <translate> The Wikimedia Foundation operates eleven wikis that follow the free content model with their main goal being the dissemination of knowledge. </translate>

<translate> This page contains links to central pages on each [[<tvar name=1>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia</tvar>|Wikimedia]] project.</translate> <translate> Please add any missing projects (see <tvar name=1>Complete list of Wikimedia projects</tvar>, many seem to be missing) and fill in any missing links you find.</translate> <translate> Some [[<tvar name=1>#Translations</tvar>|information in other languages]] is available near the end of the document.</translate>

<translate> A short list with links only can be found at <tvar name=1>Complete list of Wikimedia projects</tvar>.</translate> <translate> The lists are sorted by project and alphabetically by language code.</translate>


Table glossary[edit]

To keep the list small please use abbreviations. </translate>

<translate> General discussion</translate>
<translate> Your local Village pump (VP)</translate>
<translate> News</translate>
<translate> Local news pages, Goings-On</translate>
<translate> Admins, RfA</translate>
<translate> List of admins, Requests for Adminship</translate>
<translate> VfD</translate>
<translate> Votes for Deletion</translate>
<translate> Embassy / ambassadors</translate>
<translate> Embassy page / users who help with cross-language issues (see [[<tvar name=1>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Embassy#Wikipedia Embassies and Ambassadors</tvar>|master list of ambassadors]])</translate>
<translate> Press</translate>
<translate> Local press room/press releases</translate>
<translate> Quality</translate>
<translate> Featured/Excellent Articles (FA) and Featured Article Candidates (FAC) or whatever procedures you have for quality control</translate>
<translate> Stats</translate>
<translate> Local statistics pages if it has one</translate>
<translate> Date started</translate>
<translate> When the project was started (use preferably the non-ambiguous and locale-neutral numeric format "yyyy-mm-dd", using Arabo-European digits that almost everyone can read)</translate>

<translate> See also: the full table at <tvar name=page>Special:SiteMatrix</tvar>.</translate>


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