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<translate> Goals</translate>[edit]

<translate> 2019–2020</translate> <translate> Q1: July–September 2019</translate> <translate> Q2: October–December 2019</translate> Q3: January–March 2020</translate>]]--> Q4: April–June 2020</translate>]]-->
<translate> 2018–2019</translate> <translate> Q1: July–September 2018</translate> <translate> Q2: October–December 2018</translate> <translate> Q3: January–March 2019</translate> <translate> Q4: April–June 2019</translate>
<translate> 2017–2018</translate> <translate> Q1: July–September 2017</translate> <translate> Q2: October–December 2017</translate> <translate> Q3: January–March 2018</translate> <translate> Q4: April–June 2018</translate>
<translate> 2016–2017</translate> <translate> Q1: July–September 2016</translate> <translate> Q2: October–December 2016</translate> <translate> Q3: January–March 2017</translate> <translate> Q4: April–June 2017</translate>
<translate> 2015–2016</translate> <translate> Q1: July–September 2015</translate> <translate> Q2: October–December 2015</translate> <translate> Q3: January–March 2016</translate> <translate> Q4: April–June 2016</translate>

<translate> Annual Roadmap</translate>[edit]

<translate> Across Product</translate>[edit]

<translate> Programs</translate>[edit]

<translate> Project Pages</translate>[edit]

<translate> Annual Plan goal: New Content</translate>

<translate> Annual Plan goal: Better Use of Data</translate>

<translate> Annual Plan goal: Community Wishlist</translate>

<translate> Annual Plan goal: Anti-Harassment Tools</translate>

<translate> Annual Plan goal: Wikidata</translate>

<translate> Other:</translate>



</translate> <translate> The [[<tvar|ProductAnalytics>Special:MyLanguage/Product Analytics</>|Product Analytics]] tracks a set of key metrics designed to give a high-level picture of the movement's health.</translate>

File:May 2021 Wikimedia movement metrics.pdf
1>Template:Ym</> report on key metrics tracking the overall health of the Wikimedia movement.</translate>

<translate> Product teams</translate>[edit]

<translate> An Audience team covers a set of features developed according to specific user flows and needs.</translate>


<translate> Contributors</translate>[edit]

<translate> We build collaborative, inclusive tools for creating and editing free knowledge.</translate>

<translate> Anti-Harassment Tools</translate>[edit]
<translate> Community Tech</translate>[edit]
<translate> Editing</translate>[edit]
<translate> Growth</translate>[edit]
<translate> Language</translate>[edit]

<translate> Readers</translate>[edit]

<translate> We build exceptional learning and reading experiences for the sum of all knowledge.</translate>

<translate> Android</translate>[edit]
<translate> iOS</translate>[edit]
<translate> Multimedia</translate>[edit]
<translate> Parsing</translate>[edit]
<translate> Product Infrastructure</translate>[edit]
<translate> Reading Web</translate>[edit]

<translate> Technical Program Management</translate>[edit]

<translate> We are dedicated to guiding delivery processes and facilitating team health through good practices.</translate>

<translate> Page:</translate> <translate> Technical Program Management</translate>

<translate> Lead:</translate> Grace Gellerman

<translate> Product Design</translate>[edit]

<translate> We make sharing of all human knowledge easy and joyful. For everyone.</translate>

<translate> Page:</translate> <translate> Product Design</translate>

<translate> Director:</translate> Margeigh Novotny

<translate> Product Analytics</translate>[edit]

<translate> We make recommendations based on results of analyses, advocate for ethical data practices, and educate on topics around data and statistics.</translate>

<translate> Page:</translate> <translate> Product Analytics</translate>

<translate> Lead:</translate> Kate Zimmerman

<translate> Product Design Strategy</translate>[edit]

[intro text here]</translate>-->

<translate> Page:</translate> <translate> Product Design Strategy</translate>

<translate> Lead:</translate> Margeigh Novotny

<translate> Wikidata</translate>[edit]

<translate> Wikidata is a free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines. This project is maintained by the Software Development & Engineering department at Wikimedia Deutschland.</translate>

  • <translate> Page:</translate> Wikidata
  • <translate> Lead:</translate> Lydia Pintscher
  • <translate> Phabricator bugs & tasks board:</translate> #wikidata
  • <translate> Discussion List:</translate>
<translate> Wikidata Team Goals</translate>
<translate> WMDE Fiscal Year 2017</translate> <translate> Q1: January–March 2017</translate> <translate> Q2: April–June</translate> <translate> Q3: July–September</translate> <translate> Q4: October–December</translate>
<translate> WMDE Fiscal Year 2016</translate> <translate> Q1: January–March 2016</translate> <translate> Q2: April–June</translate> <translate> Q3: July–September</translate> <translate> Q4: October–December</translate>

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