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<span style="padding-left:<translate> This page describes a consultation that began in April 2021 about the application of the Universal Code of Conduct. It was held on individual projects and summarized centrally. For questions or comments, please use [[<tvar name=1>Talk:Universal Code of Conduct/2021 consultations</tvar>|the talk page]] in any language.</translate>ex;">‌

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<translate> The [[<tvar name=wmf>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation</tvar>|Wikimedia Foundation]] is seeking input from the global communities about the application of the [[<tvar name=1>Foundation:Special:MyLanguage/Universal Code of Conduct</tvar>|Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC)]]. This comment period is planned to last from 5 April to 5 May 2021.

The goal of these consultations is to help outline clear enforcement pathways for a [[<tvar name=draft2>Special:MyLanguage/Universal_Code_of_Conduct/Drafting_committee#Phase_2</tvar>|drafting committee]] to design proposals for a comprehensive community review later this year. The proposals may integrate with existing processes or additional pathways that may be suggested. These consultations will complement the feedback already [[<tvar name=discussions>Special:MyLanguage/Universal Code of Conduct/Discussions</tvar>|gathered throughout the UCoC project]]. For more information about the UCoC project, see the [[<tvar name=UCOC>Special:MyLanguage/Universal Code of Conduct</tvar>|Universal Code of Conduct overview]].

Broad global participatory input is needed in these consultations so the Universal Code of Conduct and its application makes sense for the many Wikimedia communities.

Purpose of the consultation[edit]

Every Wikimedia community has different needs and structures. During this consultation, feedback from individual communities about those needs and structures will be gathered and organized to support the work of the [[<tvar name=draft2>Special:MyLanguage/Universal_Code_of_Conduct/Drafting_committee#Phase_2</tvar>|Universal Code of Conduct Phase 2 drafting committee]]. The task of this committee is to outline clear enforcement pathways and create proposals for a comprehensive community review later this year.

Feedback from Wikimedia communities has been gathered [[<tvar name=discussions>Special:MyLanguage/Universal Code of Conduct/Discussions</tvar>|throughout the UCoC project]]. Phase 2 of the UCoC project began in February 2021 with targeted outreach to certain Wikimedia communities. For example, [[<tvar name=LLC2>Special:MyLanguage/Universal_Code_of_Conduct/Discussions#Phase_2_local_consultations</tvar>|local language consultations]] asked for input from 11 targeted communities. [[<tvar name=1>Special:MyLanguage/Universal Code of Conduct/Affiliates consultation</tvar>|Affiliate consultations]] are ongoing, and a [[<tvar name=2>Special:MyLanguage/Universal Code of Conduct/Functionaries meeting</tvar>|consultation of Wikimedia Functionaries]] is planned for 10–11 April.

This consultation aims to collect feedback on Phase 2 of the UCoC project from all Wikimedia communities, especially those that have not yet provided feedback on Phase 2 of the project. The goal of these consultations is to help outline clear enforcement pathways for a [[<tvar name=draft2>Special:MyLanguage/Universal_Code_of_Conduct/Drafting_committee#Phase_2</tvar>|drafting committee]] to design proposals for a comprehensive community review later this year. If you have already submitted feedback, feel free to continue the conversation, but do not feel it necessary to repeat again if you have already submitted the feedback in other Phase 2 conversations.

In response to feedback, enforcement pathways could harmonize with existing practice or help support new pathways for resolution. We are hoping to hear from experienced users, as well as users new to the project who are not as familiar with how to resolve conflicts or report issues, and also from users familiar with how other global platforms approach these challenges. We want to support good conversations where everyone can share perspectives and learn from others.

Consultation structure[edit]

Global conversations are being organized on many Wikimedia projects in multiple languages. Individual communities are invited to [[<tvar name=participate>Special:MyLanguage/Universal Code of Conduct/2021 consultations#Participate</tvar>|open a discussion]] in that project's language or context. Each community should ask a trusted user or group of users to submit a representative impartial summary, in English if possible. If a community has no English translator available, the summary can be submitted in any language and the project team will make efforts to obtain translation.

You can choose your preferred language and way of participation. A team of facilitators is watching multiple channels and organizing feedback from various communities and groups. Participants can discuss at any of the discussions already started on individual projects, at Meta, or by starting discussions on projects using the questions provided. Facilitators are available to help with the organization process.

Discussion topics[edit]

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Ongoing conversations are listed below. If there is no discussion started yet for your community, you can create one by copying questions from [[<tvar name=discussion>Special:MyLanguage/Universal Code of Conduct/2021 consultations/Discussion</tvar>|Discussion subpage]] to a page on a local project. Please note the text may require translation. Once ready, invite users to participate and include a link to the page below. For assistance, post to the [[<tvar name=1>Talk:Universal Code of Conduct/2021 consultations</tvar>|talk page]] in any language.

After starting a discussion on a local project, add the discussion below:</translate>

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