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<languages/> Template:Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Header {{ Template:TNTN | translated = yes |Title=<translate> Glossary</translate> |Content= <translate> The Movement Strategy recommendations present ideas at a structural and cultural level for the development of our Movement; they are pathways towards achieving our Strategic Direction. The following glossary has been prepared to provide definition and explanation for terms used in the recommendations, especially those that are not regularly used in our Movement. They offer perspectives from other domains and establish a connection between our present practices and ongoing global discussions.

Some terms are difficult to translate and might lead to misinterpretation of their meaning and intention. For this reason, definitions have been provided from accepted sources in each field. When terms have a specific meaning in our context, internal definitions are provided to offer clarity regarding the usage and of the multiple meanings and connotations terms might have.

Definitions reflect the thinking and discussions of the people involved in the drafting of the recommendations. Where there is agreement and existing practice, examples have been provided for how terms might be used, understood, and discussed in our communities. These examples are indicators, practices, and programs that manifest the idea behind the terms. </translate>

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