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File:Screenshot of the CentralAuth interface.png
<translate> Screenshot of the CentralAuth interface for a locked account</translate>

<translate> Locked accounts are {{<tvar name="1">ll|Help:Unified login</tvar>|unified accounts}} which have been [[<tvar name="2">Steward_requests/Global#Requests_for_global_(un)lock_and_(un)hiding</tvar>|locked]] by a {{<tvar name="3">ll|steward</tvar>|steward}}. Login attempts to such accounts will fail even if the correct password is specified. This is done to stop abuse such as spamming, vandalizing, or creating malicious or promotional account names that has become cross-wiki. See also {{<tvar name="4">ll|Global locks</tvar>|Global blocks and locks}}. </translate>

User groups
Local: blocked usersTemplate:–w anonymous usersTemplate:–w registered usersTemplate:–w autoconfirmed usersTemplate:–w autoreviewed usersTemplate:–wreviewersTemplate:–w uploadersTemplate:–w importersTemplate:–w botsTemplate:–w pseudo-botsTemplate:–w administratorsTemplate:–w interface administratorsTemplate:–w bureaucratsTemplate:–w checkusers
Global: locked accountsTemplate:–w unified accountsTemplate:–w rollbackersTemplate:–w sysopsTemplate:–w ombudsmenTemplate:–w system administratorsTemplate:–w stewards

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