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<translate> See the [[<tvar|1>outreach:Special:MyLanguage/GLAM</>|outreach-wiki homepage]] for all GLAM-Wikimedia collaboration activites</translate>

<translate> GLAM is an acronym for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. GLAM provide the bedrock for our verifiable information. The original books and manuscripts provide us with the citations that we require. Our illustrations should include information on the location of the original material. When you can see the original, when you know its annotations, an illustration truthfully shows what was originally there.

When we make use of the original material we get from our partnering GLAM, we may make changes to the material. This is one of the freedoms that we insist on. However by retaining the original material as well and by referring to it and from it always to the GLAM we provide the provenance needed for our illustrations. When we share material with a GLAM, the annotations are typically quite technical. Some of the material have their own stories. At this time we do not really have a place for them.

See the [[<tvar|1>Special:MyLanguage/GLAM/Newsletter</>|newsletter This Month in GLAM]] ([[<tvar|2>Special:MyLanguage/GLAM/Newsletter/About</>|about the newsletter]]/[[<tvar|3>outreach:Special:MyLanguage/GLAM/Newsletter/Archives</>|archives]]/[[<tvar|4>outreach:Special:MyLanguage/GLAM/Newsletter/Newsroom</>|newsroom]]) for information on current GLAM events and projects.

Mailing lists[edit]

  • [[<tvar|1>mail:glam</>|GLAM]] ([[<tvar|1arch>mailarchive:glam</>|archive]]) – GLAM
  • [[<tvar|us>mail:glam-us</>|GLAM-US]] ([[<tvar|usarch>mailarchive:glam-us</>|archive]]) – GLAM in the United States of America
  • [[<tvar|tool>mail:glamtools</>|GLAMtools]] ([[<tvar|toolarch>mailarchive:glamtools</>|archive]]) – The [[<tvar|tool>commons:Special:MyLanguage/Commons:GLAMwiki Toolset</>|GLAMwiki Toolset]]
  • [[<tvar|cult>outreach:Special:MyLanguage/GLAM/Contact</>|Cultural Partners-l]] ([<tvar|url></> archive]) – GLAM & Cultural sector outreach (private)

Ongoing and past activities[edit]

  • [[<tvar|1>Special:MyLanguage/GLAM/Conferences</>|Conferences]]
  • [[<tvar|2>:commons:Special:MyLanguage/Commons:Batch uploading</>|Batch Uploading on Commons]] - a central place for scheduling batch uploads (with a list of completed projects)
  • [[<tvar|3>commons:Special:MyLanguage/Commons:Partnerships</>|Commons:Partnerships]]

Best practices[edit]


  • <translate> [[<tvar|1>Special:MyLanguage/Best practices in building a content partnership with a cultural institution</>|Best practices in building a content partnership with a cultural institution]]</translate>
  • <translate> [[<tvar|1>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimania 2009</>|Wikimania 2009]]: Liam Wyatt, [[<tvar|2>wm2009:Special:MyLanguage/Proceedings:101</>|Wikimedia & Museums - why we need each other and what we can do about it]]; Mathias Schindler, [[<tvar|3>wm2009:Special:MyLanguage/Proceedings:16</>|The anatomy of the Bundesarchiv cooperation: 100.000 freely licensed images for Wikimedia Commons]].</translate>
  • <translate> [[<tvar|1>:outreach:Special:MyLanguage/Positioning_messages_%28Cultural_institutions%29</>|Positioning messages for documents intended for museums, libraries and archives]] (result of a brainstorming at the Wikimedia meeting in Paris, November 6–8, 2009)</translate>
  • <translate> Documentation of the cooperation between Wikimedia and the German Federal Archives ([[<tvar|1>:outreach:Special:MyLanguage/Fallstudie_Bundesarchiv</>|German]], [[<tvar|2>:outreach:Special:MyLanguage/German_Federal_Archives_case_study</>|English]])</translate>
  • <translate> [[<tvar|1>commons:Special:MyLanguage/Commons:Structured data/GLAM</>|The value of Structured data on Commons for GLAMs]]</translate>


Specific pages[edit]

  • [[<tvar|1>:wmuk:Cultural Partnerships</>|Cultural Partnerships]] on the Wikimedia UK website
  • A page giving advice to GLAM sector professionals has been written at Wikipedia: "[[<tvar|2>w:Wikipedia:Advice for the cultural sector</>|Wikipedia:Advice for the cultural sector]]" (or [[<tvar|3>w:WP:GLAM</>|WP:GLAM]]).

Other documentation[edit]

  • [[<tvar|1>wikiversity:Museum photography</>|Museum photography]]

Legal/general background[edit]


  • <translate> [[<tvar|1>commons:User:Dcoetzee/NPG_legal_threat</>|NPG issue]]; [<tvar|wm-blog-2009>//</> Protecting the public domain and sharing our cultural heritage] (July 2009)</translate>
  • <translate> "[<tvar|cornell-edu></> Archives or Assets?]", Peter B. Hirdle, President of the Society of American Archivists (2003).</translate>
  • <translate> "[<tvar|dlib></> Public Domain Art in an Age of Easier Mechanical Reproducibility]", by Kenneth Hamma, Executive Director for Digital Policy, J. Paul Getty Trust (November 2005).</translate>
  • <translate> [<tvar|archimuse></> Museum Documentation and Possibilities, opportunities and advantages for scholars and museums], by [[<tvar|1>User:ThT</>|Thomas Tunsch]], Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, in J. Trant and D. Bearman (eds.). Museums and the Web 2007: Proceedings, Toronto: Archives & Museum Informatics, published March 1, 2007.</translate>
  • <translate> [<tvar|archiv-twoday></> Research Institutes in the History of Arts against Rising Image Permission Costs] (November 2008).</translate>
  • <translate> [<tvar|hangingtogether></> Günter Waibel: Digital Image Licensing – The debate rages on…] (May 2009)</translate>


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