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<translate> The Affiliations Committee (formerly known as Chapters Committee, colloquially AffCom) is a [[<tvar name=active-committees>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia_Foundation_Board_Handbook#Community-run_committees</tvar>|Wikimedia community-run committee]] entrusted with advising the [[<tvar name=wmf-board>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees</tvar>|Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees]] on the approval of new [[<tvar name=affiliation-models>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia affiliation models</tvar>|movement affiliates]]: national and subnational chapters, thematic organisations, and user groups.

The Committee was created on January 15, 2006, by a [[<tvar name=wmf-resolution-chapcom>:wmf:Resolution:Chapters committee</tvar>|resolution]] of the Board of Trustees, along with several other [[<tvar name=commitees>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia committees</tvar>|Wikimedia committees]]. Its original mandate included coordination of the development of [[<tvar name=chapters>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia chapters</tvar>|Wikimedia chapters]]—which at the time were at an early stage of organisation—, as well as facilitating communication among the chapters and between chapters and the Wikimedia Foundation.

In 2012, following a [[<tvar name=affiliation-models>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia affiliation models</tvar>|community discussion]] and a resulting Board of Trustees' [[<tvar name=wmf-resolution-affcom>:wmf:Resolution:Affiliations Committee</tvar>|resolution]], the scope of the Committee was expanded to include [[<tvar name=thematic-organisations>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia thematic organizations</tvar>|thematic organisations]] and [[<tvar name=user-groups>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia user groups</tvar>|user groups]]. In accordance with the resolution, the Committee drafted [[<tvar name=affcom-charter>Special:MyLanguage/Affiliations Committee charter</tvar>|its charter]] which was officially approved by the Board in August, finalising the transition into the Affiliations Committee. </translate>

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File:Chapters Committee Past Present Future – Bence Damokos Wikimania 2012 presentation.pdf
<translate> The Affiliations Committee's process (PDF presentation in 2012).</translate>

<translate> The Affiliations Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees on the recognition, approval and existence of Wikimedia movement affiliates, and for facilitating the creation of those organisations. In other words, the Committee helps Wikimedians from all around the world self-organise into [[<tvar name=chapters>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia chapters</tvar>|chapters]], [[<tvar name=thematic-organisations>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia thematic organizations</tvar>|thematic organisations]] and [[<tvar name=user-groups>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia user groups</tvar>|user groups]], and to gain official recognition from the Wikimedia Foundation.

We can guide you through the founding process of your organisation by helping you to prepare bylaws, answering questions about what the Foundation expects from an affiliate, providing help and advice on solving common technical, trademark, administrative and community-building issues, and—if appropriate—by approving limited financial support for starting up your activities (such as covering the costs of registration and running initial projects).

If you're interested in getting in touch with local efforts in your area, feel free to contact us using any of the methods [[<tvar name=anchor-contact>#contact-us</tvar>|listed below]], and we'll be happy to put you in contact with the right people. </translate>

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  • The best way to contact the Committee is to write an e-mail to <tvar name=affcom-mail></tvar>; please note that the Committee might be sometimes slow in responding to e-mails, so if you don't receive a reply to your message in a reasonable time, just send us a reminder.
  • You can follow or tweet the Committee on [[<tvar name=twitter>Special:MyLanguage/Affiliations Committee/Twitter</tvar>|Twitter]]:<tvar name=affcom-twitter> @WikimediaAffCom</tvar>
  • You can follow or write to the Committee on [[<tvar name=facebook>Special:MyLanguage/Affiliations Committee/Facebook</tvar>|Facebook]]:<tvar name=affcom-facebook> @WikimediaAffCom</tvar>
  • You can also contact the members of the Committee individually by clicking on their usernames in [[<tvar name=members>#members</tvar>|the timeline above]]; feel free to use our talk pages and e-mails for any questions related to chapters, thematical organisations or user groups.
  • Sporadically, members of the Committee idle on the <tvar name=irc-wikimedia-affcom>#wikimedia-affcom connect</tvar> IRC channel on [<tvar name=freenode></tvar> Freenode]; however, contacting us on the mailing list would almost always be a better choice.


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