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Small wiki toolkits project logo
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Small Wiki Toolkits focus area introduced in the opening ceremony at Wikimania 2019

Welcome! This is an initiative to support small wiki communities. Here you can learn and share technical skills to support, maintain, and grow your community.

This is work in progress. See how you can help.

Toolkits consist of a set of recommended tools and teaching and learning resources on specific technical skills needed for developing, growing, and maintaining small wikis. You can use these toolkits to learn a variety of technical skills or use them in workshops to teach more people.


Ask your technical questions[edit]

Is something unclear? Please ask! However, unfortunately we cannot offer (yet) the "one place" where you will definitely receive an answer to your question. Good places to ask are usually the Support desk on, some mailing lists and IRC chat channels, the Tech page on meta-wiki, or the talk pages of the links above after you have checked that the talk page has actually been active lately.


Help us with this initiative[edit]

Do you have an idea for building technical capacity in your wiki community? Are you interested in workshops, virtual events, toolkits, video tutorials, or interested in exchanging problems and challenges in smaller wiki communities? Join us: add a comment on the discussion page!

We organize and track what to work on in the Small-Wiki-Toolkits Phabricator project. We sometimes have video meetings, and we might have other discussion places in the future once the group becomes bigger.

Develop toolkits[edit]

We want to provide a limited number of links to high-quality, task-oriented ("How can I…?") material. This often requires improving existing documentation first, to be consistent, up-to-date, and in simple English. We collect and discuss existing, non-optimal documentation pages for a specific area in a corresponding Phabricator task instead of listing ten "See Also" links for one topic on this very page. Ideally, we would also love to have short, well-done video tutorials on some topics, with subtitles that could be translated.

If you want to develop and document a toolkit yourself, here are some recommendations:

Ongoing workshops and initiatives[edit]

Interesting in kicking off a workshop series or initiative? Take a look at the workshop guide sharing roles and responsibilities of organizers and mentors of small wiki toolkits technical capacity-building workshops and contact us on the talk page.

Past events with related activities[edit]




Members are free to self-identify as Small wiki toolkits group members. You may do so by editing the members list below and adding the following userbox to your user page by typing {{User SWT}}. Also, add this page to your watchlist to receive notifications about changes made to its content or discussion page.

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Members list[edit]

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