:Science museum hosts first-ever 'Maker Faire' for city of Tyler, Texas

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25 March 2013 Template:Science and technology infobox On Saturday, Discovery Science Place hosted a mini Maker Faire in Tyler, Texas. Multiple vendors and exhibitors were on hand. An art car, featuring what might be the largest collection of singing robotic lobsters anywhere in the world was on display, curiously titled the "Sashimi Tabernacle Choir." A large modular analog synthesizer was also available for attendees to experiment with, designed by staff at Synthesizers.com.

Some exhibits were quite simple, showing how to modify inexpensive radio-controlled cars using epoxy and LEGO bricks. Two three-dimensional printers were displayed, showing attendees how the new technology operates. Outdoor exhibits included multiple forms of robots and flying drone-style aircraft (see video below). According to a news release, the event is one of 60 planned to occur worldwide this year.

Numerous volunteers were on hand to assist with the event. Colleges and university groups were on hand, including representatives from The University of Texas at Tyler, among others.

File:RC Drone bot at Mini Maker Faire in Tyler.oggtheora.ogv
A public display of a radio-controlled mini drone-style bot. Buddpaul



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