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Template:Disney RestaurantRegal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue is a barbecue restaurant at the American Adventure pavilion at the Epcot park at Walt Disney World Resort.[1] The restaurant takes its name after Sam the Eagle[2] and it will feature Sam the Eagle as the host and judge of a barbecue competition, which is "Sam's Centennial Cookoff- A Salute to All Cook-Offs, But Mostly Barbecue".[3] The restaurant replaced the Liberty Inn, which closed on July 8, 2019[4]. It was originally scheduled to open in December 2019, but was pushed to a winter 2020 date[5], was opening on February 19.


Inside the restaurant, the decor is focused around Sam's barbecue competition and four guilds representing different American barbecue traditions with four different Muppets serving as pitmasters for their teams. Each character has a woodcut portrait alongside Sam's rating for their offerings.

These groups include:

  • Blue Ribbon Brisket Society, headed by Bobo the Bear, serving Texas brisket with Spicy Mop Sauce, which Bobo is seen applying to his beef brisket with a literal mop.
  • Sizzlin' Pit Dry Rub Coalition, headed by Rowlf, serving Memphis style barbecue from a barbecue pit he dug himself.
  • Blue Ridge Vinegar League, headed by Janice, representing North Carolina barbecue traditions with vinegar based sauces.
  • Old Glory Mustard Guild, headed by Gonzo, who has slathered his meals in tangy "Carolina Gold" mustard.

The outdoor seating area of the restaurant features a barbecue smoker and an additional bar.



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