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Plaza Inn is a restaurant located in Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland, Magic Kingdom (Plaza Restaurant), Disneyland Park (Paris) (Plaza Gardens Restaurant) and Hong Kong Disneyland.


Hong Kong Disneyland version[edit]

Dine on dim sum, barbecued meats, vegetables and seafood in an elegant table-service restaurant hosted by Maxim’s. From the outside, Plaza Inn looks like a grand turn-of-the-20th-century Victorian building, but the interior features rich and colorful Asian design and furnishings. The American owners traveled abroad and fell in love with China. When they returned home, they converted their staid Main Street, U.S.A. restaurant into an homage to the wonderful flavors and decorative arts of China. The reconfigured restaurant was a huge hit, attracting new customers from miles around.

Taste the delectable results by sampling the crispy skin on the roasted suckling pig, savory chicken with spicy and pungent sauce, crunchy deep-friend sliced garoupa in corn sauce, braised mushrooms with bamboo shoots, wok-friend pork loin with black vinegar sauce, 3-head size whole abalone or Plaza Inn’s signature dim sum—including the giant steamed lobster dumpling or the pan-fried pork, beef and pepper bun.

For an extra treat, be sure to add the fragrant whole abalone with rice, wrapped in a lotus leaf and steamed to perfection. Finish your meal with a sweet delight, like the miraculous Mickey mango pudding. All menu items are subject to change without notice.

In Hong Kong Disneyland, the artful array of lanterns in the center of the restaurant and slowly change from one color to another.

Fans of the Disney movie Mulan should be sure to take a look at the large wall murals—the artwork was originally created during the artistic development process for the classic animated film. In addition, if guests closely inspect the carvings at the top of several columns, guests will find that they resemble Fa Mulan’s comical dragon sidekick, Mushu.

In 2020, the Plaza Inn was refurbished with an additional Chinese Zodiac theme with gilded glass art pieces featuring various Disney characters as the signs. These characters included Remy (Rat), Chief Bogo (Ox), Rajah (Tiger), Judy Hopps (Rabbit), Mushu (Dragon), Juju (Snake), Khan (Horse), Djali (Goat/Sheep), Albert the Monkey, Pua (Pig), Heihei (Rooster), and Grizzly Gulch's Lucky the Dog.[1]


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