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PRIMEDICE PinPics is a website focused on collectible lapel pins used for Template:WikipediaLink, especially Disney trading pins.

The site maintains a large gallery-styled database of various pins collected by many pin collectors. Each pin is described with various details about its contents (such as characters and symbols that appear on a pin) and is usually shown with a user-provided image.

Pins are added to PinPics's database by its registered users. Each pin added to the site's database is given a unique name and identification number under the site's own conventional naming and arbitrary numbering systems. The site also provides details about known "scrappers" (counterfeit pins), as detailed by its users. Users can also keep track of their pin collections, list pins that they wish to own, and trade with other traders online.

Although PinPics's primary focus is on official Disney pins, the site does list official pins for the Template:WikipediaLink, Universal Studios, and Template:WikipediaLink characters (especially Looney Tunes), as well as Template:WikipediaLink and pin trading accessories. The site also tracks counterfeits, bootlegs, unauthorized pins, and "fantasy pins" (fan-made pins), although these cannot be traded on the site or added to registered users' collections due to their unofficial nature.

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