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{{#invoke:Sidebar|sidebar}} Oracle SQL Fundamentals introduces Oracle SQL language and database concepts, including data selection and manipulation, data definition, and other schema objects. This course is Oracle-specific. See Database Fundamentals for a more generic introduction to database concepts.

This course comprises 15 lessons covering Oracle SQL fundamentals. Each lesson includes a combination of Wikipedia and Oracle readings, YouTube videos, and hands-on learning activities. The course also assists learners in preparing for Oracle SQL Fundamentals I certification.

This entire Wikiversity course can be downloaded in book form by selecting Download Learning Guide in the sidebar.


This is a second-semester, college-level course. Learners should already be familiar with Information Systems concepts. Familiarity with Database Software is also helpful.


  1. /Introduction/
  2. /Selecting Data/
  3. /Restricting Data/
  4. /Sorting Data/
  5. /Single-Row Functions/
  6. /Conversion Functions/
  7. /Conditional Expressions/
  8. /Aggregating Data/
  9. /Joining Data/
  10. /Subqueries/
  11. /Set Operators/
  12. /Manipulating Data/
  13. /Transactions/
  14. /Data Definition Language/
  15. /Other Schema Objects/

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