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The current Open Vault Disney logo, used since June 2012.
File:2010 Open Vault Disney Logo.jpg
The original Open Vault Disney logo from 2010.
File:2011 Open Vault Disney Logo.jpg
The second Open Vault Disney logo, used from July 2011 to June 2012.

Open Vault Disney was a Disney DVD fan campaign that was started on May 27, 2010 after growing consumer frustration about specifically the abrupt end to the Walt Disney Treasures DVD line and the various Disney Afternoon shows that had started being released on DVD and then were ended before fully being released.

Operating a web site as well as profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, Open Vault Disney bands Disney fans of various eras together to send e-mails and letters to Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment in the hopes of getting various shows and films released.

Besides the campaigning efforts, Open Vault Disney has become a notable source for information and reviews on the Disney DVD-on-Demand titles released under the Disney Generations line and non-Generations Collection titles. In recent times, they have also added info for DVD Exclusives from the Disney Movie Club.

On December 26, 2013, it was announced that the site would be merging together with the fan-run blog The Mickey Mindset. All current Open Vault Disney campaigns have been continued under the new name. However, a new site of similar design,, was launched as a host site for the podcast DAF Radio.

The website is no longer available.


Open Vault Disney has petitions on, requesting Disney to release many of their past television shows on DVD. These petitions have asked for releases of the following shows and films:

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