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PRIMEDICEOh My Disney (typically abbreviated as OMD) is the official blog of The Walt Disney Company. Aside from providing news feed of the company, the blog also has interactive articles from Disney movies, television, games, and other entertainment. The site includes ten different sections: quizzes, news, quotes, movies, food, theme parks, TV, music, videos, and shops. It is the sister site to the Disney Family, Disney Style, and Babble inside Disney Digital Network.

Appearances in Disney media[edit]


  • The title of the website is a play on "OMG", a common abbreviation for the phrase "Oh My Gosh" or ''Oh My God''.
  • The site was preceded by the news blog Disney Insider on providing fan feed and updates of the company before undergoing a merger with the Oh My Disney blog in late 2016.
  • On June 4, 2018, in conjunction with the release of the trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet, the site experienced "glitches" of Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz entering the screen. An eleventh section also appeared on the site's navigation titled "Yesss", and clicking on it displayed the site's most trending articles.
  • To depict Oh My Disney in Ralph Breaks the Internet, the site was outfitted to fit in with the overall broader world of Wreck-It Ralph, with the Disney characters redesigned as gangly, with bigger heads, feet, and hands. The idea was for the characters to have a simplified silhouette, but still remain recognizable to their film counterparts.[2] According to Cory Loftis, these versions was conceived as "teenage versions" of themselves.
    • Before it was even decided that Oh My Disney would serve as a crossover world for Disney properties in Ralph Breaks the Internet, Ralph and Vanellope were to instead visit a defunct Disney Infinity website.[1]
    • The Princess Room was inspired by the Disneyland Dream Suite.[2]


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