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Noodle Burger is a fast-food restaurant chain located all over San Fransokyo. It is a favorite dining locale for Fred, who became a titanium member; this gives him a reserved table and a spot in the ball pit.

Noodle Burger's official mascot is Noodle Burger Boy, a 1950s-styled character with a noodle burger for a head. An animatronic version was created by Krei Tech Industries to be the "ultimate, nostalgic robot boy mascot". For a period of time, the animatronic would work at the store as a waiter. Thanks to its prediction algorithm, it instantly knew what a costumer would order after scanning them once. One night, however, the Noodle Burger Boy animatronic was stolen by Obake, who reprogrammed the bot to serve as his subordinate.


  • There is a Noodle Burger service area inside the cafeteria of SFIT.
  • A number of Baron Von Steamer's secret lairs have been converted into Noodle Burgers over the years.
  • Fred mentions Noodle Burger during dialogue cutscenes in Disney Magic Kingdoms.

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