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Template:PropThe Neuro-Compliance Chip is a micro-computer that is essentially a method of obtaining total mind control over a person. It is featured on the television show Kim Possible in the episode "The Twin Factor".


The Neuro-Compliance Chip was invented by Cyrus Bortel. It is a chip that, when placed on the forehead, overrides the nervous system and brain. In a word, total mind control. It can be shorted out by a silicon phase disruptor. The totality may be disputed, as Kim is shown resisting for several seconds. Also, even while in the trance, the victim is totally aware of everything they are forced to do.

Dr. Drakken stole the chip and replicated it, using it to control Kim and Shego. Jim and Tim were able to foil him, however, with their own handheld silicon phase disruptor.

However, Kim then used the chips on her brothers, effectively putting them to sleep so that babysitting them would be easier.


  • Doctor Cyrus Bortel seems to specialize in mind-influencing devices such as the neuro-compliance chip and Moodulator.

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