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Template:Infobox characterThe Mechanical Barber Chair  is the last machine seen at the Museum of Modern Marvels from the 1937 short Modern Inventions.



Modern Inventions[edit]

It appears directly after Donald flees the Robot Nurse Maid and his baby hat is removed by the Robot Butler. Donald notices it, and uses his coin on a string technique he used early to enter the museum to get himself a free haircut.

The machine then removes Donald's bowler hat from his head, angering Donald at first due to his previous experiences with the Robot Butler taking off his hats, until the chair asks Donald the treatment he wants. Donald quickly responds with "gimme me the works", and he proceeds to start his job, flipping Donald up and landing upside down in the chair.

The Barber Chair quickly apologizes to Donald at the same time it activates its restraints, keeping Donald in that position when he attempts to get up. Immediately, the machine decorate's Donald's butt with a hair cape and it starts haircutting Donald's rear at the same time it brushes up his head, following by painting it entirely with black shoe polish. Ignoring Donald's demands to stop, his makeover continues with it massaging his butt and putting a hot towel on Donald's rear, which is removed quickly as the machine noticed it was too hot. The haircut ends with the machine brushing Donald's head to make his head shiny at the same time it combs Donald's butt making a gap through the middle, smoothing it out and giving him a finishing it with a pig tail.

With Donald's makeover finished, the barber chair shows a mirror to Donald's butt and frees him from itself, returning his bowler hat which is immediately taken away by the Robot Butler, making Donald explode in anger.


It is a fully automated barber's chair that costs 25 cents. The barber chair takes the customer's hat, clamps them in, and begins cutting their hair while a pair of hands at the bottom shine the customer's shoes.


Apparently, if the chair tosses someone up, and they end up upside down in the chair, the barber will work on the customer's rear while the hands shine the person's face or hands.

House of Mouse[edit]

Its featured scene is mentioned in the House of Mouse episode "Everybody Loves Mickey", with Goofy and Minnie asking Donald about it, with Donald answering the title of his cartoon wrongly and Mickey correcting him by mentioning the actual episode.

The saga of Captain Duckburg[edit]

In this comic, this machine appears as one of the traps set by the artist Temeluca Sam in order to avoid being interviewed by Donald Duck. Unlike in Moderns inventions, Donald manages to escape the barberchair by typing the code"Hair today gone tomorrow" in the machine's command panel, forcing it to release him. He's later seen trapping Scrooge McDuck when he attempts to enter his home and being used by the artist as his personal drawing chair.


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