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Template:Prop The Meal-O-Matic is a food-preparing machine invented by Clyde Cosgrove. This invention appears in the episode "The Luck Stops Here".


The Meal-O-Matic is designed to help prepare hot meals in no time flat. It has multiple mechanical arms with white gloves equipped with a variety of utensils for preparing all kinds of food. At the top is a blender with a pair of mixers and a microwave oven at the bottom where the meals come out on platters. Gadget Hackwrench helps Cosgrove fix it up so he can win the Golden Beater Award at the Kitchen Appliance Competition.

Toward the end of the episode, Cosgrove sics the Meal-O-Matic on Kismet when she tries to hurt Gadget. The machine gives her an impromptu haircut, causing her to run out the window in embarrassment. Shortly after, the Meal-O-Matic is in perfect working order and impresses the judges. It also teaches Mr. Gribbish a lesson when he tries to take all the credit.


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