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Template:Infobox Song "Making Today a Perfect Day" is a song that is featured in the short, Frozen Fever. The song centers Elsa's desire to show her love for Anna on Anna's birthday despite getting sick, and plays throughout most of the short. It was also available to download digitally on March 12, 2015 with a download code from the 2015 Cinderella soundtrack, and was also released on iTunes on the same day, later being released on Amazon.


You've never had a real birthday before
Except of course the ones you spent outside my locked door
So I'm here, way too late to help you celebrate
And be your birthday date, if I may... [Sneezes]

Anna: Elsa, I'm thinking you might have a cold

I don't get colds. Besides...
A cold never bothered me, anyway

Just follow the string!

I've got big plans, I've got surprises for today
Nothin' but nothin's gonna get in our way
I've worked for weeks, planned everything within my power
I even got Kristoff and Sven to take a shower

If someone wants to hold me back
I'd like to see them try
I'm on the birthday plan attack
I'm giving you the sun, the moon, and the sky!

I'm making today a perfect day for you
I'm making today a blast if it's the last thing I do
For everything you are to me and all you've been through
I'm making today a perfect day for you
[Sneezes, twice]

Anna: They come in threes...

I'm fine. [Sneezes]

Surprise, surprise, this one especially [Sneezes]

Wow, you've got me reeling, but I'm still concerned for you
I think it's time that you go home and get some rest

Elsa: We are not stopping cause the next one is the be- eh- [Sneezes]

Anna: Elsa, you gotta go lie down
Elsa: No way, we have to paint the town
Anna: But you need medical attention
Oaken: Are you sick? How 'bout a cold remedy of my own invention?
Elsa: No, thanks.
Anna: We'll take it.

Children: We're making today a perfect day for you
Elsa: Making today a special day
Children: We're singing a birthday song to make your wishes come true
Elsa: Wishes come true
Children: We love Princess Anna
Elsa: And I love you too

So we're making today a perfect day
(A fabulous day in every way)
Yes, we are making today a perfect day

Elsa: Come on, now we climb!
Anna: Elsa, that's too much. You need to rest!

We need to get to our birthday chills - I mean thrills!

Making dreams, making plans
Go, go, go, go!
Follow the string to the end
You are my very best friend

Anna: Elsa?

What? I'm fine.
We're gonna climb
We're gonna sing
Follow the string
To the thing

Happy, happy, happy
Merry, merry, merry
Hot, cold, hot, birthday!

Woah! Elsa, look at you. You've got a fever, you're burning up!

Alright, we can't go on like this
Let's put this day on hold
Come on, admit it to yourself

Okay. I have a cold.

I'm sorry, Anna, I just wanted to give you one perfect birthday. But I ruined it, again.

Anna: You didn't ruin anything. Let's just get you to bed.

Everyone: Surprise!
Anna: Wow!
Elsa: Wow?

We're making today a perfect day for you
We're making today a smiley face all shiny and new

Kristoff: There's a fine line between chaos
Olaf: And a hullabaloo!

So we're making today a perfect day
Making today a perfect day
A! N! N! A!

We're making today a perfect day for you

Kristoff: Happy birthday.
Chorus: Making today a happy day and no feeling blue
Kristoff: I love you baby!

For everything you are to us
And all that you do

Kristoff: I do!

We're making today a perfect day
Making today a perfect day
Making today a perfect day

Elsa: Perfect day!



  • Elsa's first few lines recycle the melody from the cut song "Life's Too Short". Composer Robert Lopez explained on his Twitter account that they were writing for the song's beginning, later realizing that it fit the original tune, and they could not resist using it.
  • "Making Today a Perfect Day" shows a few references to songs from Frozen.
    • Elsa sings "A cold never bothered me, anyway" referencing to her similar lyric "The cold never bothered me, anyway" from "Let It Go".
    • Anna notices and picks up a sandwich, referencing her "Sandwiches!" line from "Love Is An Open Door".
    • Elsa and Anna are seen riding down the hall together on a bicycle, referencing Anna's lyric "Or ride our bike around the halls?" from "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?".
  • According to Robert Lopez, the children from the Matilda musical voiced the kids who sang the chorus, while the adults were some veterans from many shows by the Disney Theatrical Group, with Stephen Oremus doing the vocal arrangement.
  • The song was originally going to be called "Surprise", according to Lopez, but was changed after finding out that it was the same title of a song by Idina Menzel in the If/Then musical.
  • The piano, studio and mic placement were actually reused from "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles.
  • This is the first song to take place during most of a short, the second is "Lava".
  • This song is also sung by the cast of "Best Friends Whenever".

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