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About Everything Wiki

We are a community of free, independent moderators and supporters who want to contribute to the common good of humanity. We see it as our responsibility to unite the consumers as well as the service providers, and to create the best possible win/win situation for both sides. Everything|Wiki does not belong to individual persons or companies, but to anyone who wants to be a part of the community.

Everything|Wiki is the upgraded version of Wikipedia and other encyclopedias, which also allows reporting on other public persons or small companies. With us, there are no restrictions, as long as they are morally and legally justifiable.

All visitors to this site have the opportunity to inform themselves about anyone and anything, and thus protect themselves. There is no one-sided reporting, and the community can help shape the contributions themselves to provide an optimal platform. more


Our Benefits

Benefits for moderators:

  • FREE membership
  • Payment for creating articles. Compensation is provided via a separate cryptocoin*.
  • Bonus payments for the best and most active moderators. Bonus payments are based on the ranking and the number of articles created and edited.
  • Ranking of the biggest moderators on the home page
  • Good reputation for moderators
  • Part of the active community of Everything|Wiki
  • Additional payment for referred orders. If a customer books an item with us, we will pass these orders on to our moderators.

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