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Laladin's Amp is an enchanted amplifier from the Jetix series Yin Yang Yo! This amplifier enhances any music or vocals played through it, and mesmerizes any audience in its wake. It appears in the episode "The Gig is Up".

Laladin's Amp was first used by Master Yo during his days as a member of the rock band Pandangerous. Since the band's music wasn't exactly "top notch", Yo had to rely on the amplifier to gain popularity. Some time after the disbanding of Pandangerous, Laladin's Amp was locked away in the dojo's armory.

During the events of the episode, the Chung Pow Kitties broke into the Armory and made off with the amplifier. When Yin and Yang tried to pursue them, the kitties used the amp's power to mesmerize Coop and Dave into interfering. The CPK took the amp all the way to a battle of the bands, where they proceeded to turn the audience against every participating band except theirs. Yin and Yang (along with Coop as well) fought back, alternating between solos and fighting. When the CPK cranked the amp to 11, Master Yo showed up in the nick of time, channeling his Woo Foo energy through his electric guitar and splitting the amp in two. Both halves of the amp were afterwards stashed back in the armory.


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