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Template:PropKim's Battlesuit is a high-tech combat outfit featured in the animated television series Kim Possible. It is used by Kim Possible to help fight crime.


Kim first wears the suit in Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama. Wade was still working on it at the time and he told her it was still very dangerous to try, but Kim put it on without a second thought in order to rescue her then boyfriend Eric. Kim used it to fight Shego, using the suit's features against her.

In Ill Suited, Ron steals the suit to increase his abilities to get on the football team when he thinks Kim is dumping him. Dementor took control of the suit by remote which forced Ron to attack Kim. The duo managed to defeat Dementor, but the damage the battle suit made Wade prevent it from being used on any mission until he could repair it.

In Mad Dogs and Aliens, Kim uses the suit once more to take on Warhok and Warmonga.

In Larry's Birthday, Kim uses the suit to rescue a cat stuck from a tree, and is later used by Cousin Larry to take on Professor Dementor, who wants to acquire the Battlesuit.


The battle suit was made by Wade with highly advanced technology. It gives the wearer many special features and strong abilities. When it's active, the blue lines glow a bright cyan color, which fades when it's deactivated.

Miraculously, the suit increase the wearer's natural abilities, giving the user super speed and able to jump at high heights than normal. The suit has a regenerative feature where it automatically seals any tears or rips it receives in combat. The suit also has advanced shielding technology, which it activates a blue circular bubble around the wearer which can deflect any attacks.

It has stronger stealth abilities where it allows the wearer to become invisible, hiding both the user and the suit. However, it cannot make an object invisible if user touches any.

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