Jake's Collar

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Template:Object infoboxJake's Collar is alien tech collar that enhances the person's brain functions in The Cat from Outer Space.


The collar can enhance a person's brain functions, allowing them to achieve great power and control with their mind. It takes concentration to make it work, if the person lose focus it will instantly wear off.

Also, the person needs to remain physical contact with it, it won't work if the collar doesn't have anyone to operate it.

Jake, given his species, used it with ease, as it acts as his collar. Humans can learn to use to but not much like the alien cats do, Frank Wilson displayed some control over it when he first touched.


  • Telepathy: The collar can grant the cats to communicate with others through thought transplant.
  • Telekinesis: The collar can grant cats, including, humans to manipulate objects. This extends to through broadcast since Jake was able to manipulate the basketball and football innings despite seeing them on television.
  • Body Immobilization: The collar can immobilize anybody, it'll lasts for 20 minutes and people who were immobile will have no memory what happened.
  • Size Manipulation: Jake demonstrated to shrink a bar of gold using his collar while the bar still retain its valuable quantities.


  • In Jake's spaceship, there was a spare that Frank use to help repair the ship. It's implied since the ship left, the other collar is still inside.

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