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Template:PropThe I.O.T.A. (short for Intelligent Outer Space Technical Assistant) is a small robot designed and built by Leo Callisto to assist in any way. It is capable of getting into any machine, fix any glitch and straighten up any mess. However, when it malfunctions, or is poorly coded, it displays a mischievous side and can deliberately make problems go from bad to worse. It works best with specific coding as opposed to general codes, as shown in it successfully giving Loretta a complex style, but struggling with several simple styles for Miles. The I.O.T.A., despite its fickleness, is a durable robot, capable of functioning in water.

The I.O.T.A.'s main body is a small sphere with one camera eye and has five holo legs that operate as propellers, allowing it to fly and hover. Its legs and body are held together by a small cone-like projection.

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