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<templatestyles src="Pagebanner/styles.css"/> {{safesubst:#invoke:CountryData|countryData2HTML|debug=|}}Template:PAGEBANNER: The Hudson Valley is a river valley in the U.S. state of New York. (Because the Hudson River is an estuary, the valley is actually a fjord!) The communities along the river often consider themselves part of a "Hudson Valley" region. For Wikivoyage purposes, we've divided Hudson Valley communities among three region articles (ordered south-to-north, upstream from the mouth):

The Hudson starts further north in the Adirondacks, though it's not a valley at that point.

This region article is an extra-hierarchical region, describing a region that does not fit into the hierarchy Wikivoyage uses to organise most articles. These extra articles usually provide only basic information and links to articles in the hierarchy. This article can be expanded if the information is specific to the page; otherwise new text should generally go in the appropriate region or city article.

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